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makes your art transport
a bit more „green“!

We would like to briefly describe what the ACTUAL state is in the art industry. Awareness of sustainability is not yet very widespread. In the art world, attention has been focused more on the safety and conservation of art than on the environment. To be fair, we are dealing with very high values whose nature is very sensitive in most cases. Therefore, reuse of materials is often out of the question.

However, there is movement in the art world to at least think twice about how things should be packed or transported. There needs to be a change in thinking to stop creating so much packing waste. Either in the production of packaging materials and transport boxes as well as in their disposal, we increase the carbon footprint.

We build about hundreds of crates a year and dispose of about the same amount of imported crates. This regularly creates several tons of composite waste. Often the crates are fitted with foam boards. At best, this must be separated before it is incinerated.


Calculation of the voucher for your used box

Please enter external dimensions:

PS: Please free the box from packaging material before handover. Otherwise, we offer you this service for a flat rate of 50.00 EUR plus VAT. The fee is to be paid in cash when taking over / handing over the crate.

We maintain a current crate list in our Crate Bank Online Shop. You can view the crates on our web page, compare the inside dimensions and purchase directly from our ARTSECO Crate Bank Shop. Then redeem your voucher again.

You save money, you save the environment and you encourage other galleries to use this system. And most importantly, the art is still shipped safely, quickly and affordably. Please contact us,



Advantages of Crate Bank

  • You save money, because the used boxes are usually cheaper than ordering them new.
  • You save time, because the production of a new box takes at least 4 working days from the time of order. You can pick up our boxes immediately or have them delivered.
  • You save the environment by preventing further carbon emissions from the production and processing of new materials (wood, metal, plastic).