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Service Areas

Our Services:

The careful transport, attractive arrangement and professional storage of works of art: we at ARTSECO provide all this and more. We offer a range of art-related services. Based in Berlin, we maintain very close contacts with the local art scene. Galleries, artists and collectors from Berlin and throughout the world already take advantage of our unparalleled international partner network.

Our Strengths

All those who work with art know the vital importance of finesse, experience and professionalism in dealing with works of art. Artworks require careful, expert caretakers. Many works are very difficult to handle and require special attention and care.

How we Work

The “Gallery Weekend” in Berlin provides a good example for our approach. At the moment, they are busy fitting and painting walls so as to prepare for the installations. However well you have prepared, you can never anticipate every development – that is why they are called surprises. Perhaps a sculpture just refuses to fit through a door, or a fixing presents too many practical problems. You need professional assistance to come up with a clever solution.

We are available at any time – during an international art fair, or when an artist suddenly produces more work than expected. Whatever the occasion, the works need to be moved from A to B with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of speed. We are the experts who always have a solution up our sleeves.

When You Need that Little Bit More

We maintain a highly-flexible infrastructure. Do you need another service? No problem. We are happy to store your works of art and source specialist packaging material. We have space for restoration work and can provide space for photography work should you need to make a catalogue. We can respond to any challenge.
Just tell us what you need.