Art Storage

Art Storage

Security for Priceless Objects

We operate a safe, top-of-the-range art storage facility in the heart of Berlin (in accordance with VDS security directives) with over 1500 m² of storage space for your art. Your art is recorded and catalogued in our digital system and issued with a bar code. Whether pictures, light boxes, installations or large sculptures, everything has its place in our store. All our dealings are subject to the utmost discretion.

Service Areas




Berlin City

With its two stores in the centre of Berlin (one on the Malzfabrik site), ARTSECO is well-placed at the heart of Berlin’s art scene. We chose this location to enable spontaneous customer visits. In addition to your convenience and peace of mind, it helps us to get to know you and your needs, thereby permitting us to provide the best possible service.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Our storage facilities are maintained at an average temperature of 18 – 20 °C in every season.

Security and Discretion

Satisfying the highest of insurance standards, we provide our customers not only with security, but the assurance of our complete discretion.

Different Storage Areas

We provide three different storage options:

  • An open berth, a defined shelf which you can rent and manage use yourself.
  • Picture shelves provide the most effective storage for large, flat works of art stored in padding.
  • Free spaces provide the best solution for large sculptures and crates.

Date and Location

Our Bar Code System (BCS) documents the arrival of the art in our storage facility. After issuing a bar code, we can find out the location, state and movement history of any piece of art at any given time.

Inventory List

We are happy to provide a monthly inventory of all the objects which you have stored with us. You can see everything at a glance and remain up-to-date.


The BCS makes it easy to control the location of your art and provides an overview costs.


We provide a range of packaging services to ensure the bespoke and safe storage of your valuable art.

Our own Packing Station

Our expert packers render an individual, appropriate and safe packaging service using our own packing station. We cater for all types of art including special requirements.


We answer all your questions and help you to solve even the most difficult of packing challenges. We provide packaging material via a shuttle service (Berlin only). Just ask!

Quality Check

The first thing we do upon receiving a work of art is to check the quality of the packaging. Should we find any problems, we contact you immediately and discuss the best possible approach. Then we pack your work of art according to the highest standards.


Everything from a Single Source

Concluding a framework agreement simplifies your experience. We are able to provide a dedicated contact person who deals with all your needs, whatever they may be: preparing for an art fair, getting a quote for transport services, sourcing insurance or other matters.


Concluding a framework agreement gives you access to a range of special prices for storage, transport and other services.


We provide a range of training in packaging and customs procedures. This enables your staff to react to a range of logistical challenges.