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Gallery Service

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Special services for Berlin-based galleries. Do you need expert assistance with your everyday activities? We know the business inside out and can respond to your every need. Galleries are always producing new exhibitions and need a swift changeover between shows – art needs to be taken down, dismantled and packed, and walls need to be put up, repaired and repainted in time for the next exhibition – all with the greatest care and in the shortest time. With the clock ticking, we help you to meet your deadlines safely.

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We are experts in the specialist packaging techniques which your art needs and deserves. We look after all the details:

  • We make an exact calculation of the volume to be transported
  • We make the exact number and size of boxes and frames
  • We provide suitable packaging materials quickly and at low cost
  • Then we re-pack all your art when the event is done
  • Our service also includes disposal and storage of the empty packaging material
Works of art require certain specific packaging materials. Order direct from us:

  • Bubble wrap 150 wide / 200 cm wide
  • Glassine
  • Tyvek
  • Cardboard pre-cuts and boxes
  • Reinforced corrugated cardboard sheets 220 x 150 cm
  • Paper or plastic adhesive tape
  • Glass adhesive tape
  • Edge guards of various sizes
  • Made-to-measure art crates (IPPC-certified wood)
  • Bespoke transport frames

Art Needs Specialized Crates

Every work of art is unique. With its own shape and quality, it required bespoke protection. The correct approach to packaging also depends on the method of transport. We select and provide the right box or packaging to meet your individual needs.

Gallery Premium Crates
Gallery Premium Crates
Inside a GPC
Inside a GPC

Gallery Premium Crates

Designed for repeated use, these high-quality crates are highly popular amongst collectors and those lending their works of art. With their attractive shape, these crates are made to measure (dimensions of the artwork required). Made of planed coreboard and reinforced with caulking strips, they come fitted with the requisite amount of Nopa foam to fit to the shape of your artwork.

Gallery Standard Crates
Gallery Standard Crates
Inside a GSC
Inside a GSC

Gallery Standard Crates

The stable plywood construction functions as effective yet low-cost packaging for a range of different works of art, and are often used for one-way shipments or price-sensitive projects. Padded with foam inside, these crates are made to measure (dimensions of the artwork required).

Transport Frames
Transport Frames

Transport Frames

These transport frames protect the surface of works of art from contact damage. Used primarily for land transport, they are not strong enough on their own for air freight and transport by sea. The transport frames are made to measure (dimensions of the artwork required).

Climate-controlled Crates
Climate-controlled Crates
Inside a Climate-controlled Crates
Inside a Climate-controlled Crates

Climate-controlled Crates

This crate is made to museum standards. Complying with all standards for temperature and moisture conservation, they are made to measure (we will visit to measure up).




No Two Pieces of Art are the Same.

Experience and knowledge are the twin keys to working with art. We are happy to provide expert advice regarding the best hanging, set-up and installation of your art. We can make recommendations regarding the best suspension systems for the wall materials of your gallery building. We help with the moving of sculptures and complicated installations.

Our art handlers are all highly-experienced professionals. Having been trained by working with museums, artists and in galleries, they update their rare skill sets with regular further training. Travelling extensively throughout the world, they remain up-to-date regarding the newest installation and exhibition technologies.

We provide customers with support in key activities:

  • Collection of the works from the gallery store
  • International and on-time collection
  • Setting up party walls, painting work and a wide range of other services
  • We use specialist equipment such as pulley systems, cranes and lifting platforms
  • Packing and unpacking all works of art
  • Storing empty packaging
  • Setting up installations and exhibitions
  • De-installation
  • The provision of bespoke packaging material

Installation Examples





Do you need a painter or a carpenter? We perform and facilitate all the requisite services, both before and after the exhibition. You are having difficulty getting a work of art through doors and windows? We can find a solution by working with the structure of the building.


The clock is counting down to your exhibition. You can rely on us to:

  • Clean the gallery rooms
  • Erect pavilions and furniture
  • Arrange for a catering service and the hire of furniture and accessories
  • Provide security personnel for the exhibition

Reproduce your piece of art

We offer you a ground floor daylight photo studio in Berlin.
The studio has the window front on the south side, measures 7 x 7m and a height of 6m.
If required our qualified team will take care of the installation/ dismantling, unpacking/packing of
your works.

If necessary we can also provide you with a professional photographer. Furthermore we offer new
packaging material or lightning equipment.