Sustainable strategies

Sustainable strategies

Crate Bank

We build about 1000 crates a year and dispose of about the same amount of import crates. Storing empties ties up dead capital for our customers every month. You never know when you will need the crate. Making a new crate always costs time, money and resources.

The disposable crates are usually used only once and are almost never presented to the customer. The main thing is that the art is safely packed and transported from A to B quickly and cheaply. How can Crate Bank help you here?

CO2 – Compensation

Nowadays, every company is judged not only by its sales or profits, but more importantly than ever by its environmental footprint. This is not so easy for a logistics company when mobility is the main business.

There is an increasing discussion in the art world about the extent to which one can avoid Co2 emissions within one’s business sector. This leads to more and more new concepts in the field of transport, packaging and cooperation.

We would like to present you a project, with which you can decide yourself, if you want to pay a compensation for your art transport in form of a donation voluntarily. You will receive from us the information, converted into cbm, how much CO2 emission your air or sea freight causes.

We work together with the NGO “Atmosfair” and support some of their projects to prevent CO2 emissions. Determine yourself how much you would have to compensate by using our information and the infrastructure of Atmosfair.